Minor Surgery

Cost of treatment

Medical insurance

Most minor surgical treatments will be covered by medical insurance policies. The exception to this is benign lesions that are being removed for cosmetic reasons rather than medical ones. Insurance policies generally require a referral from your GP, indicating the symptoms caused by the lesion / lump, or medical reasons for removing it.

You should inform your insurance company in advance that you are coming for a consultation, and advise them that you may be having a minor surgical procedure on the same day.

Depending on you policy, you may have to pay a certain amount towards treatment, or there may be a cap on the amount that the insurance company will pay.

Self paying patients

I will be able to provide a quote for treatment after the consultation. The cost of treatment breaks down into the surgeon's fee and the clinic or hospital fee (for general anaesthetic procedures there is also the anaesthetist's fee).

Surgeons fee: this includes the cost of the surgical procedure, and follow up appointments to see Mr Bantick in the immediate post operative period (but not appointments for longer term monitoring).

Clinic / hospital fee: this includes the cost of using the operating theatre, disposables etc, pathology and removal of stitches / dressing by the dressings nurse.

Initial consultation fee: £350
Follow up consultation fee: £250

Minor surgery treatment costs