Minor Surgery

Skin Lesions

Excision of Lesions

Skin lesions include moles, cysts, skin tags, lumps, lipomas and skin cancers. Although removing skin lesions is relatively straightforward, meticulous, careful technique is required to obtain the best possible scar; this is particularly important for lesions on the face, and other cosmetically important parts of the body. As a Plastic Surgeon, I will use my skills to remove any lesion with the best result that can be achieved. Where suitable, an ‘invisible’ stitching technique (subcuticular) may be used; this is an absorbable stitch under the skin which avoids the cross marks of the commonly used stitching techniques.

Most skin lesions are removed using local anaesthetic injections, often this is done in the treatment room at one of my clinics. The local anaesthetic injections do sting somewhat, but I administer these gently.

If you are expecting to have a lesion excised, please inform my secretary at the time of booking the appointment, so that sufficient time is allocated on my clinic schedule.